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Lady of the Plagues”, The Dogstar and Other Science Fiction Stories (Leaf Books, 2007).
“Little Sister”, Aoife’s Kiss, 2009
“In the Moment”, Strange Horizons, 2010 (second place in the 2009 Short Story Competition of the British Fantasy Society)
“Going East”, People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace (Prime Books, 2010)
“Jonathan”, Bewildering Stories 497, October 2012
“The Emissary of Shadows”, Bewildering Stories 534,  July 2013

“Dancing Up a Storm”, Timeless Tales Magazine (November 2014)

“The Farm”. In Jews Versus Aliens. Lavie Tidhar and Rebecca Levene, eds. Jurassic London, 2015

"The Farm". Reprinted in Apex Book of World SF, Volume 4, ed. by Mahvesh Murad, Apex Publications, 2015.

“White, Green, and Gold”. Bewildering Stories  637 (September 2015)

“Erl-King”. Clockwise: the Darkest Hour (Latchkey Tales, vol. 10), October 2015.

“Motherhood”. The Singularity (Issue 4, 2016).

 “The Firstborn”. Dark Fire Fiction (April 2016).

“Turandot”. Midnight Circus (EAB Publishing) (Summer 2016)

“La Serenissima”. Twelve Days of Christmas. Patchwork Raven (2016).

“The Orrery”. Unsung Stories (June 24, 2016).

“Dancer from the Dance”. New Realm (Fiction Magazines), Vol. 4, No.9 (2016).

“Eating Children”. EMP Publishing (Creepy Campfire Quarterly -Issue 5- SCIENCE FICTION Edition - February 2017)

“Lady of the Plagues”. Literal Illusion. Digital Fiction Publishing , 2017

“Dead Ice”. Hypnos. Vol. 6, Issue 1. April 2017.

“The Checkpoint”. The Fantasist. March 2017.

“The Kindly Ones”. MYTHIC.  Issue no. 2, 2017.

“Eating Children”. Ink Stains Anthology 5 (July 25, 2017)

“Cities in Flight”. Thrice Fiction (May 1, 2017)


“Melissa and the Stone Troll”. The Future Is Short: Science Fiction In a Flash 3 (Lillicut Press, 2017)

“Death in Jerusalem”. Ink Stains Anthology 6 (October 2017)

“Lebensborn”. Asymmetry. May 29, 2017 

“Angelo”. Fae Wings and Hidden Things Anthology (Wolf Pack Publishing, 2017) 

“Eternity”. Three Drops from a Cauldron (September 2017) 

“Worst of Times”. Society of Misfit Stories. Bards and Sages Publishing. Reprinted in The Society of Misfits Stories Presents... Vol. 2

“The Two Courts”. Fantasia Divinity Magazine (Issue 13, August 2017).

 “The Plumed Serpent”. Visions VII: Universe (Lillicat Publishers, 2017).

“Antlions”.  Alien Dimensions, Issue 12 (2017)

“Little Sister” (reprint). Matador Review, January 1 2018

“The Fire-Escape”. Asymmetry , March 12 2018


“The Other Iseult”. Unfading Daydream, Issue 4 April 2018


“The Desert of the Real”.  After the Orange (B-Cubed Press, 2018)

“Stella Maris”. Nightscript IV (October 1 2018).


“The Sea of Salt”. Dies Infaustus. A Murder of Storytellers (2018)

“In the Moment”. Star Ship Sofa No 546 (audio; reprint; 2018)

“Death in Jerusalem”.  Zion’s Fiction (Mandel Vilar Press, 2018).

“The Fire-escape”. Manawaker Studios (audio; reprint; July 2018)

“Dreaming of Ravens”. Transcendent  (Transmundane Press, 2018).

The Prison-House of Language”. Apex Magazine, March 2019

“Rat-King”.  The Starship Logs Vol 2: Creatures  (Tell-Tale Press, May 2019)

The Dragon Detector”.  The Wand that Rocks the Cradle: Magical Stories of Family (Lagrange Books 2019)

“Moonface”.  Once and Future Moon  (Eibonvale Press 2019)

“The Yellow Square”. Breaking Bizarro (Death Head Press 2019)

“Gemini Dreams”  Horror USA – California (Soteira Press  2019)

“Erl-King”.  Other Stories (2019, audio; reprint). 

"Sunrise, Sunset”.  The Horror Magazine (Breaking Rules Publishing; April 2020).

“The Homeless”.  Space and Time Magazine (Issue 136, Spring 2020).

“Reality Rip”  All Worlds Wayfarer (Issue 4, April 2020).

Mine Seven”. After Sundown. ED. by Mark Morris. Flame Tree Publishing, 2020.


“King Solomon’s Ring”. Strange Days: Midnight Street Anthology 4 (Midnight Street Press, 2020) 

The Fire-Escape”. Siren’s Call (June 2020)


“Star-Child”.  Triangulation: Extinction (Parsec Ink, August 2020)


“Where the Streets Have no Name”. Winner of the Gravity Award.

“1991”. Typehouse Magazine (May/September 2020)

“White Orchids”.  A Monster Told Me Bedtime Stories  (Soteira Press, August 2020) 

“A Grain of Sand”.  Utopia Science Fiction Magazine (October 2020)

“Medusae”.  Legendary Tales (October 2020).

“Black-Eyed Susan”. Oculus Sinister (Nightscript). October 2020.

“Nightwood”.  Bourbon Penn (November 2020)

“Touching Wood”.  Consumed: Tales of the Wendigo. Denver Horror Collective (December 2020)

 “Little Fish”.  Penumbric (December 2020).

“Readme”. Black Works (November 15, 2020)

“The Unweaving”.  The 5th Dimension (Hiraeth Books; December 2020)

“Eye in the Water”. In Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Issue 81 (December 2020).

“Wings”.  Lorelei Signals (January 2021)

“The Niddah”. Apex Magazine Issue 121, January 2021

“The Alarabi”.  If I Die Before I Wake – Vol. 4. Tales of Nightmare Creatures. Sinister Smile Press, 2021.


“Little Mother”.  Silver Pen (January 21, 2021, Issue 48)


“Sunrise, Sunset” (reprint).  Patty's Short Stax Anthology (Breaking Rule Publishing, February 2021).


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"1991" . Typehouse Magazine.  October 2020 
"The Fire-Escape". Siren's Call (June 2020)
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