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Most of my academic publications can be found on Researchgate and Academia. com

"The Poetics of Censorship: Allegory as Form and Ideology in the Novels of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky”, Science-Fiction Studies, Vol.22, Part 1 (1995), 87-106.

“Mystery, Apocalypse and Utopia: The Case of the Ontological Detective Story”. Science-Fiction Studies, Vol.22, Part 3 (1995), 343-355.

“Hard and Wet: Luce Irigaray and the Fascist Body”, Textual Practice, Vol. 12 Issue 2 (1998), 199-223.
“Science Fiction in Russia: From Utopia to New Age”, Science-Fiction Studies, Vol. 26 (1999), 435-441.

“From Dr. Moreau to Dr. Mengele: The Biological Sublime”, Poetics Today, Vol. 21, Number 2 (2000), 393-423.

“Aliens Among Us: Fascism and Narrativity”, The Journal of Narrative Theory, Vol.31, Number 1 (2000), 127-163.

“The Plague of Utopias: Pestilence and the Apocalyptic Body”, Twentieth-Century Literature, Vol. 1, (Winter 2001), 405-434.

“Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray and the (Un)Death of the Author”, Narrative, Vol. 12, No. 1 (January 2004), 74-92.

“Romancing the Crystal: Utopias of Transparency and Dreams of Pain”. Utopian Studies 15.2 (2004), 65-91 (with Stephen Weninger).

“Gods Like Men: Soviet Science Fiction and the Utopian Self”, Science- Fiction Studies 94 (no.31, part 3, 2004), 358-377

“’Spirits in the Material World’: Spiritualism and Identity in the Fin de Siecle”, Victorian Literature and Culture 35 (2007), 189-213

"Lost and Found: The Lost World Novel and the Shape of the Past". Genre LX (Spring/Summer 2007), 103-127.

“Shapes of the Past and the Future: Darwin and the Narratology of Time Travel” Narrative Vol. 17, No.3 (May 2009), 334-352 (special issue on time and narrative).

"Everyday Apocalypse: G. J. Ballard and the Ethics and Aesthetics of the End of Time”. Partial Answers 8:1 (January 2010).

"Science (Fiction) and Posthuman Ethics: Redefining the Human". The European Legacy Vol. 16, No 3 (2011), 339-354.

"'Part of Dreadful Thing': The Urban Chronotope of Bleak House". Partial Answers Vol. 9, No.2 (June 2011), 297-311.

"Posthuman Voices: Alien Infestation and the Poetics of Subjectivity". Science Fiction Studies 117 (Vol.39, Part 2, July 2012), 177-195.

  “Invasion of the Dead (Languages): Zombie Apocalypse and the End of Narrative”. Frame – Journal of Literary Studies (26-1; May 2013).


 “History of the End: Viktor Pelevin and Literary Postmodernism in Post-Soviet Russia”. Narrative  Vol. 21, No. 3 (October 2013), 309-322 (special issue on Postmodernist Fiction: East and West).

 “Cannibal Cities: Monstrous Urban Bodies in Contemporary Fantasy”. Redisco: Discourse and the Body .  


 “Utopia, Dystopia, Limbotopia: A Case for Expanding the Genres of the Future” (with Vered Karti Shemtov). Comparative Literature (Vol. 70, Issue 1, 2018).


 אוטפיה, דיסטופיה, לימבוטופיה (עם ורד שם-טוב)

אות כתב את לספרות ולתיאוריה

7, 2017

 Recycled Dystopias: Cyberpunk and the End of History”. ARTS


“How Literature Refuses to Write the Future” (with Vered Shemtov) Dibur, no. 6 (Fall 2018)

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